PageWide 556dn SecureUV Printer

This inkjet UV printer offers personalized, on-demand security for in-house printing. The TROY PageWide 556 SecureUV Printer with a print speed of 75 pages per minute adds unique levels of document authentication, copy detection and fraud prevention in an efficient and cost-effective way.

The 556 SecureUV performance is comparable to the performance and durability of laser printers and supports input of 2,050 sheets and output volumes of 2,000 to 7,500 pages per month. With TROY Ultraviolet (UV) technology and partial colour printing, the TROY PageWide 556 SecureUV Printer offers hidden security features for high-quality documents in a single pass – quickly and directly at the output point.

Standard UV Ink

TROY Standard UV ink adds a hidden UV agent to your black graphics or images. Standard UV ink is part of the black (K) cartridge. Wherever the black text or graphics are printed, this invisible function appears. The ultraviolet properties are only detectable with a UV inspection light and give your documents a protective layer.

SecureUV Ink

TROY SecureUV Ink offers an invisible security layer for each of your documents. SecureUV ink is printed either as text or graphics, but can only be detected with a UV test light. This ink prints simultaneously with your black, cyan and magenta ink cartridges and enables a single printing pass.

Paper Tray Locks

TROY Secure paper trays prevent unauthorized access to your valuable paper. These lockers are specifically designed for the 452 printer to prevent paper theft and theft. Secure paper trays can be used to regulate the chain of custody, to protect against inadvertent interference when handling important documents and to control the amount of paper that may be wasted.

The TROY PageWide 556 SecureUV printer provides a partial full-colour solution, including standard cartridges in black, magenta and cyan, and a TROY SecureUV ink cartridge that replaces the yellow cartridge. The standard UV ink is part of the black (K) cartridge used to protect documents at risk from alteration or forgery. When black text or graphics are printed, it becomes a unique security feature for the document. You can print personalized security features with this printer by combining it with TROY SecureDocs security software. SecureDocs works with pre-printed documents or eliminates the dependency on expensive pre-printed security paper and forms, reducing the time and effort required for chain of custody processes.

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