TROY M609dn LaserJet

This is the perfect printer for companies that depend on fast printing in a large workgroup. This powerful desktop unit offers print speeds of up to 75 pages per minute and can manage print volumes from 5,000 to 30,000 pages per month. The M609dn is available as 110-volt unit.

Currently available as a MICR or security printer, this device is ideal for smaller workgroups. TROY offers MICR Toner Secure and Security Toner for this device. Additional lockable and non-lockable 550-sheet input trays are available to add more media to the printer. Additional lockable paper trays are only produced for use with TROY Secure printers. Shielded lockers for standard HP printers will be available from 2018.

Exklusiv TROYMark™

TROYMark is a watermark of user-defined data that is printed diagonally over each check. It offers a state-of-the-art deterrent against fraudulent check changes.

Security Locks

Most companies find the workgroup printer in an open office environment. This creates a security risk. TROY offers MICR key locks with 3 positions*and optional paper tray locks to reduce the risk of theft and printer misuse.

ExPT™ Precise positioning technology

A MICR line is a cause of rejected checks, a multimillion dollar problem for banks and businesses. With ExPT, the user can precisely adjust the MICR line without affecting the data file.

The M609dn MICR printer has been modified to print E-13B or CMC-7 characters as a tool for creating tradable documents, in most cases checks. This allows companies to create the entire verification file including logo, customer data, MICR line and signature at once. TROY extends every M609dn MICR printer with integrated functions like Disable Jam Recovery, MICR Toner Sensing, TROY ExPT™ – Exact Positioning Technology, customizable MicroPrint Font and our TROY MICR Toner Secure. Each feature increases security when printing checks, which TROY has been successfully using since 1963.

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