T 65R Laser Printer

The T65R Laser Printer is a powerful laser imaging system that offers outstanding print quality, high print speeds, flexible paper handling and easy operation. It is specifically designed for excellent printing of different data on user-defined labels, labels and forms.

Loading the paper is as easy as setting the forms on the wide web tractor feed and pressing a button. The tractor processes forms up to a width of 18″. The device has a printing width of 17″ and can therefore print two forms in letter format simultaneously and can reach a speed of up to 100 pages per minute.

Industrial Applications
  • Price Labels
  • Clothing Tags
  • EAS Tags & Labels
  • Multi Part Forms
  • Routing Labels
  • Shipping Labels
  • Chesire Mailing-Label
  • Printing Reports
Optimized Functions
  • Automatic paper feed
  • No paper loss during operation
  • Toner refill during operation
  • No warm-up time for immediate first print
  • Image position adjustment during operation
  • Print data buffer for printing files up to 64 GByte in size
  • Duplex printing with a T 65R
  • Tandem combination
  • Media diversity including RFID labels
  • Backlit color graphic touch screen
  • Simple user interface and operation
Reliable Flash Fusion Printer

The T65R printer uses variable printing resolution technology and can switch between five dpi levels – 240, 300, 400, 480 and 600 – as needed to meet your label or form requirements. A straight paper path gives the T 65R greater flexibility in handling: it processes heavy label stock and ultra-thin labels without tearing or peeling.

Precise, versatile and durable

The T 65R is capable of printing customer-specific data on RF-EAS (Radio Frequency Electronic Article Surveillance) tags and labels – without interrupting operation. Flash Fusion technology eliminates fusing pressure and adjustable temperature settings prevent molten adhesive from dripping into the printer. Because a clean printer means less downtime and more productivity.

Printer systemElectrophotographic
Image processing methodLaser
Warm-up timeMax. 45 s
Time to first pageMax. 3 s
Printing resolution240/300/400/400/480/600 dpi
Print Rate 94 pages A4 in 2-up mode or 3,300 lines per minute at 6 LPI or 46 feet per minute
method of developmentTwo-component dry toner
OPC lifetime880,000 A4 pages in 2-up mode
Toner life 74,000 pages A4 with 5% coverage
Black-white ratioMax. 20%
Image densityFrom 0.8 to 1.2, selectable in 0.1 steps
Fixing methodFlash fixation, intensity adjustable
Paper advanceTractor pin feed for continuous forms
Type of paperContinuous paper or paper roll (third party unwinders and rewinders)
DuplexOption, T65R tandem combination
Paper magazineMax. Paper stack height 296 mm
Paper filingMax. Stacking height 296 mm, removable storage compartment
Optionale Extensions
  • Field Attachments Paper Inserts/Paper Separators
  • Power Stacker
  • Rotating rod for vertical operation
  • Rotating rod for horizontal operation
Conformity and Approvals
  • CE & UL, FCC, CSA

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